A few reminders for first time caravan travellers

You bought a caravan or motocaravan. Many people’s dreams became your reality. Now it’s time to wander around, enjoy the season, get lots of vitamin D under the sun, or turn on your diesel heater in cold weather and enjoy your caravan in the middle of the snow.

However, it is useful to take small precautions to prevent your dream-like weekend from turning into a nightmare.

Before you hit the road, repeatedly checking your safe driving needs.

You may be working at a high tempo in everyday life. There may even be situations where you are very hasty and careless. But if you carry your house on your back, you have to give up all these bad habits.

For both of your own and other drivers road safety , start by repeatedly checking your safe driving requirements before setting off.

Remember, you are not to late anywhere. Leaving half an hour late won’t cost you anything. But it can bring a lot.

Let everything flow a little.

You want to hurry up and arrive at the camping site as soon as possible, but your goal should not be to arrive at the camping site as soon as possible, but to enjoy your way until you get to the camp site. Remember, you are now a caravan owner. At least on your weekend you can get away from the fast paced and minute-by-minute planned life and experience improvisation. There will be a few things that you forget to take with you. don’t let them get you down.

Load your items balanced.

Ice-cold drinks and meals that you prepare for the weekend can be wasted on the road before you reach the middle of the road.
In particular, consider if there was a 9-magnitude earthquake while placing flowing food, would it topple?

Everything can broke in the wheeled house behind you while traveling.

Place your belongings neatly. Make sure your refrigerator has a locked cover. Take precautions to prevent your cabinet doors from opening. If you have a refrigerator with a compressor, you have to turn off it while you drivinig.
not need to start the refrigerator anyway while moving. For this, you can place your food in the top-lid cooler cabinets and place them in your fridge as soon as you open the caravan support legs where you go.

You know better the equipment that can move and crash in the caravan you live in. Be sure to fix them so that you do not experience later irreparable damage.

Have you checked your wheels?

Be sure to check your wheels for safe driving. Tire pressure gauges sold on online shopping sites can be e good choice. But a pump with a pressure gauge can be a more accurate solution.

As soon as you notice that the tires are lacking in air, you can add air with your own pump. You can check tire pressure and air boost at all fuel stations with your passenger car, but it will not be easy to dock back to the tire pressure station at the fuel station with a 5-meter-long caravan at the back of your vehicle. Get a few of the pressure tire repair kits sold at fuel stations. If possible, you can also get a spare tire for your caravan. You may be afraid of the weight of the spare tire, but if you are going on mountain roads with broken and sharp stones, don’t take any chances.

In Turkey, you can legally load 790 kg of weight in your caravan, with weighing tolerance. (O1 certificate)

For the legal speed limit and weights, you can check out our article on Test Drive .

Do you have a lug wrench?

You are more experienced than many drivers. You can change the tire of your own vehicle. In fact, it’s so easy for you that you don’t hesitate to stop for help as soon as you see someone stuck on your way.

Changing tires is child’s play. Also, the repair kit in your luggage is complete.

So, does your lug wrench included in your spare tire repair kit fit the lugs of the caravan? Be sure to try the lug wrench in the repair kit in your vehicle on the lugs of your caravan. If the original lug wrench of your vehicle does not fit the lug nuts of your caravan, you may suffer from a simple tire failure. Likewise, you can check whether your kirkon is lifted or not.
The definitive solution is to obtain the “+” shaped lug wrench that fits all the lugs called stauroses used by long haul drivers.

Check around the caravan before start to driving.

You may have seen that long-distance drivers check their bolts with a stavrose wheel wrench, especially in rest facilities. Jerky driving can cause wheel bolts to loosen and cause greater hazards.
The easiest way to make sure your bolts are not slipping is to mark the bolts with an acetate pencil. so you can see how much the bolts loosen when the line deviates.

Make sure the coupling is firmly seated in the drawbar before driving. The most common mistake is to try to fit the coupling to the drawbar without removing the middle support wheel.
Loosen the middle wheel well and lift the coupling with both hands so that it sits on the drawbar with its own weight.

Make sure to detach the support wheel on the coupling from the caravan during the journey. While passing through uneven roads or bumps, your wheel may rub on the ground, disrupting your balance and also damaging the rubber coating and connection points on your wheel.

Do not forget to connect the coupling safety wire to your drawbar. In the opposite case, this wire will probably break as soon as the caravan leaves your vehicle, but the tension of the wire will brake the caravan and the caravan will stop safely behind you.

Make sure you have a simple tool kit that can fix minor malfunctions in your caravan. Simple equipment such as a cordless drill, hex tool, spanner, double-sided tape, electrical tape can save you from great troubles.

Finally, connect the electrical connection of your caravan to your vehicle and make sure that the lighting group of the caravan works smoothly.

Safe rides

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