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When there are events or C Level Executive List experiences that profoundly change the space of experience of a certain population, their horizons of expectation also open up and thus allow new imaginaries to emerge. Some facts and experiences, such as social movements or the implementation of new institutional mechanisms, can generate the displacement of C Level Executive List imaginaries that were previously considered marginal, undesirable, or unrealistic and bring them to the center of the scene in order to propose genuine alternatives. On this basis, the concept of imaginary provides us with a C Level Executive List framework to analyze the sudden popularity of the lottery and the various investments crystallized around it.

After the first decades of the C Level Executive List nineteenth century, the issue almost completely disappeared from the political scene in the global North. The new imaginaries linked to the Enlightenment, popular sovereignty, progress and representative government left no room for drawing lots. During the rest of the 19th and 20th centuries, in the C Level Executive List imaginaries developed by the different movements –republican, liberal, socialist, communist, fascist, populist, and nationalist– the lottery was totally absent as a mechanism of political selection, except for one exception in Italy to which we will refer later. The first shocks with signs of change were due to events that C Level Executive List occurred in 1968 and in the following decade.

The lottery was mentioned here C Level Executive List and thereby isolated individuals, such as Robert Dahl, Peter Dienel, and Ned Crosby, in a setting in which dissatisfaction with capitalist democracies remained strong but revolutionary prospects had dimmed. When in C Level Executive List the 1980s and 1990s the political scientist James Fishkin connected the lottery with the theory of deliberative democracy, the idea began to be considered C Level Executive List more seriously in the English-speaking academic world.