Determination of Towing Caravan Center of Gravity

In the article titled The Importance of Load Balance and Center of Gravity in a Towing Caravan, the point B that should be the center of gravity was found.

In order for the trailer total weight (GA) impact point to be point B, load balancing should be done in X and Y axes in a balanced way.

GA: Total trailer weight = 750 kg
S: Load acting on drawbar = 50 kg
A: Distance between the coupling and the axle = 3m
B: Distance of trailer center of gravity from axle = 0,2m

Furniture and furnishings are placed in the caravan by using the unit weights of the materials to be used in manufacturing.

In order to make the loading balanced while caravan placement is done, mass centers should be created as above and equipment to be placed should be placed in these mass centers in a balanced manner.

For example, if a 20 kg mass is placed at the L4 point, a mass very close to it should be placed at the R4 point. Likewise, the mass to be placed at the point L1 must be equal to or very close to the value of R1.

The masses placed mutually balanced on the Y axis will ensure that the center of gravity on the axle is at the midpoint of the axle (y2).

If the caravan’s center of gravity is point B, the weight between A-B should equal the weight between B-D.

After the mass placement has been made considering the above criteria, it should be checked whether the center of gravity of the caravan is from the center of gravity calculation formula. If there are any deviations, the settlements should be revised.

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You can click here for download Calculation sheet

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