A few reminders for first time caravan travellers

You bought a caravan or motocaravan. Many people’s dreams became your reality. Now it’s time to wander around, enjoy the season, get lots of vitamin D under the sun, or turn on your diesel heater in cold weather and enjoy your caravan in the middle of the snow. However, it is useful to take small […]

Sparty Woodpecker® ​​made the first test drive.

The caravan model Sparty Woodpecker ® ​​prototype, which we started working on in January 2019, has been successfully completed as of August 2020. During the project phase, the 680 kg base weight we committed on both our website and social media was completed as 675 kg with a deviation of 0.007%. In addition, the furnishing and […]

Choosing the Refrigerator in the Caravan and Efficient Use of Energy

Refrigerators are one of the indispensable equipment in both caravans and motorhomes. Caravan lovers are among the many alternatives when choosing a refrigerator that does not take up space and that is as large as possible, with its cooling and ice-making capacity satisfactory. The most popular model among the refrigerators designed for caravans, which are […]

Equipment Weights

Equipment name Weight (kg) Arrow middle 16,00 Coupling and front whell group 5,00 Axle 22,00 caravan’s corner steadies 4,20 Whell 14″ 13,00 Splasher Set 1,00 Battery 12V 120 Ah 30,00 Battery 12V 80 Ah 24,00 Battery 12V 60 Ah 20,00 Invertor 2,00 Bilge Pumo 1,00 LPG Gas 2,00 20 lt  water tank 2,00 50 lt  […]

Material Spesifications

You can use the material unit weights on this page while making your teardrop . Sparty Woodpecker also uses this technical data. NO Material Unit Weight Unit 1 Tree Massive m3 625 kg 2 Tree profile 40x40x100mm m 1,00 kg 3 Tree profile 60x40x100mm m 1,50 kg 4 Tree profile 40x20x100mm m 0,5 kg 5 […]

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