Equipment Weights

Equipment nameWeight (kg)
Arrow middle16,00
Coupling and front whell group5,00
caravan’s corner steadies4,20
Whell 14″13,00
Splasher Set1,00
Battery 12V 120 Ah30,00
Battery 12V 80 Ah24,00
Battery 12V 60 Ah20,00
Bilge Pumo1,00
LPG Gas2,00
20 lt  water tank2,00
50 lt  water tank4,00
50 lt  water tank5,00
LPG tube fixing part1,00
Fire Tube2,00
Solar Panel 170W15,00
Double Furniture 5,00
Kitchen Window7,00
Outdoor swatter1,00
Köşe lavabo Banyo0,50
Shower battery0,25
LPG boiler15,00
Refrigerator 90 Lt24,00
Mobil WC19,50
Door Key2,00
Chrome sink0,50
Equipment weights may vary by brand and model.
See also the page material specifications.

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